Thursday, 8 October 2020

Abdul Razak Jewellers - One of the Most Popular and Successful Jewelers in Malaysia


Abdul Razak Jewellers is one of the most popular and successful fashion companies of Malaysia. It is known for its beautiful and contemporary jewelry.

The designers of the company, Abdul Razak, Hina Rasli, and Naveen Kumar are all well known for their skill and creativity. They have carved a niche for themselves as excellent jewelers in Malaysia.

The founder of the company Abdul Razak was an artist and painter. His love for art was so great that he opened his own studio. He became a member of the renowned Malaysian Academy of Arts and Design.

Abdul Razak also became a successful fashion designer. The style he invented became a huge success in the country.

Abdul Razak also designed the world famous Rajasthani embroidered clothes. In recent years the company has expanded in different forms and have even started developing fashion accessories like watches, handbags, shoes etc.

The company has earned tremendous success in its endeavor to become the finest jewelers of the world. The quality of the work is renowned throughout the world. The jewelry of the highest quality, in the best designs, with elegant engravings, and the best price are all the trademarks of abdul razak jewellers. in the world. Jewelry designers from across the world visit the city to experience the beauty of Rajasthan.

The company offers a variety of jewelry products in Malaysia, including anklets, bags, jewelry, and other items made in Rajasthan. The company is also making some new products and services in the state. Like jewelries made in Malaysia, the company manufactures designer rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces and other accessories. for women.

The famous jewelry designer, Abdul Razak, started the company in the year 1924 with an aim to manufacture diamond jewelry. Jewelry designers and craftsmen from around the world use their skilled skills to create new designs every now and then.

Abdul Razak also started the concept of "Koi," where the designer would design a fish and sell it to jewelers. This was a major business at that time in the town. Today this same concept is being used by the company to create exclusive designer jewelry.

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